Dating rumors continue after Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik were caught on camera doing this

The nation can’t seem to get over Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik as they show off even more off-screen chemistry in a behind-the-scenes video of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

In an off scene video of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon“, lead actors Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik could be seen looking lovey-dovey before shooting a kiss scene.

The two could be seen joking with each other and jokingly bickering about the shape of the heart Park Hyungsik had drawn in the sand. They were later seen fixing each others’ hair, playing in the water together, and finally filming the perfect shot for their sweet kiss scene.

When they were about to leave, one crew member told them to take their shoes as they had left them by some rocks on the beach.

However, everyone seemed to notice that they were inseparable even off-screen, and so another crew member joked, “Do you want to film it [the kiss scene] again?” to which the two seemed to hesitate at first, but later profusely declined.

Check out their adorable video here.