DAWN Shares The Secret Behind His Strong Relationship With HyunA

So that’s their secret 👀

K-Pop’s cutest couple—HyunA and DAWN—have been dating since May 2016, which means they’re nearing their 5-year anniversary. In an industry that shuns public relationships, their story is practically unheard of!

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

In a recent behind the scenes video for HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool” music video, DAWN shared practical advice on how to make your significant other feel loved. It must be one of the reasons why their relationship is still going strong!

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

At one point during the video, HyunA complained about the pain she felt on her feet because of the cold floor. It didn’t help that there were beads scattered all over, making dancing even more difficult for her.

My toes are so frozen, I can’t dance. It hurts, and there are beads at the bottom so it hurts even more. Dancing barefoot is no joke.

— HyunA

Although he couldn’t do anything about the floor, DAWN made sure that HyunA was at least hydrated by fetching a bottle of water. Surprisingly, however, he passed it to a staff member to hand it to her in his stead!

She happily drank the bottled water without knowing that DAWN was behind the thoughtful gesture.

DAWN explained that he didn’t give it himself because he doesn’t like grand gestures. Rather, he believes that the secret is to show love through the little things.

The key is to not be showy. Gotta let her know through the little things that you care—for real.


It’s no wonder these two have such a strong relationship!

Watch the full video below to see more of HyunA and DAWN.

Source: YouTube