A Day In The Life Of A YG Entertainment Trainee, As Revealed By TREASURE

The members break down the average day of a trainee.

TREASURE recently appeared on the popular YouTube show MMTG, hosted by beloved MC JaeJae, and members Junkyu and Jihoon took viewers along on an exclusive tour of the YG Entertainment building.

JaeJae (left) with TREASURE | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

Junkyu and Jihoon met JaeJae in the lobby before taking her through the “day in a life” of a YG trainee.

The honorary “trainee” was given a step-by-step guide on how to make it at the acclaimed company.

Check out what it’s like to be a YG Entertainment trainee, according to TREASURE, below!

1. Report to the new rookie development team

The two TREASURE members took JaeJae to the sixth floor to have her report to the new rookie development team.

When JaeJae suggested she casually greet the team, Junkyu and Jihoon quickly set the tone for how they were as trainees, sharing that the greeting needed to be polite and formal.

2. Turn in cell phones

The next step was turning in their cell phones to the YG Entertainment team members.

A staff member shared that YG takes trainees’ cell phones to improve their focus while practicing and returns them when they’re done for the day.

3. Begin vocal and dance practice

After turning in their cell phones, trainees head downstairs to begin their vocal and dance practice, preparing for their monthly evaluations.

Before leaving for the practice rooms, Junkyu and Jihoon coached JaeJae on how to leave the rookie development team, having her share that she would report back later.

4. Greet senior YG artists

As they made their way to the practice rooms, they ran into fellow TREASURE member Yoshi, giving Jihoon and Junkyu the perfect opportunity to share how trainees greet senior YG artists.

Jihoon and Junkyu hilariously shared that even if trainees know there’s a possibility they’ll run into senior artists, they need to act surprised while properly greeting them.

In the practice room, TREASURE’s Jeongwoo and Jaehyuk join to spill on how senior YG artists act when they run into trainees while they’re practicing.

The TREASURE members thoughtfully revealed that they’d often join them in the practice room at the request of trainees. When they were trainees themselves, WINNER would sweetly visit them with coffee and chicken.

5. Exercise

Before practicing, the trainees start their workouts at 9 AM.

6. Foreign language classes

After working out for about two hours, trainees attend foreign language classes.

7. Group practice

Following foreign language classes, the members practice singing and dancing in a group until about 10 or 11 PM.

8. Individual practice

Finally, trainees practice on their own, developing the skillsets they need to work on individually in preparation for their monthly evaluations.

JaeJae asked about trainees who had to travel long distances to the YG Entertainment building, given that their individual practices didn’t usually begin until midnight.

Jihoon shared that he traveled from Wiyre New Town to Seoul as a trainee, which was about an hour and a half away by public transit, and revealed it was a difficult time.

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