DAY6 Found Out They’re Charting At No. 1 And Their Reaction Was Priceless

They were so surprised they thought it was a hidden cam!

DAY6 made their highly-anticipated comeback with their fifth EP, The Book of Us: Gravity. The album, along with its title track “Time Of Our Lives”, quickly took over the charts and when they found out that they were charting their reaction was priceless!


As soon as their new EP dropped, DAY6 not only began to trend on real-time charts, they completely dominated them! They quickly shot to no. 1 on Bugs…


And Naver Music charts!


On top of soaring to no. 1 on Bugs and Naver Music, DAY6 became the top trending search on Melon!


Despite soaring on the charts and becoming the top searched group, when DAY6 found out how they were doing on the charts during their comeback livetalk stream they just couldn’t believe it at first! In fact, they even thought it was some kind of hidden camera!


And although they started clapping along, they simply didn’t believe that the news was true until the staff members showed them proof.

The staff showed us this…and it’s true!

— Young K


When they did see the proof, they couldn’t hide their reactions at all! Young K and Jae smiled brightly while they continued to clap, Dowoon‘s eyes widened and his mouth fell open in surprise, Sungjin could only say “wow”, and Wonpil couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear!


After their initial reactions, Young K seemed at a loss for words as he explained why this moment was so big for them!

This is our first first place. Who would’ve known that we would see that while sitting here right now! Who would’ve known!

— Young K


MYDAYs have also been feeling overwhelmed by the big news as DAY6 continues to trend on the charts and on social media!


There’s simply no denying that DAY6’s reaction to finding out their no. 1 status was priceless but definitely well-deserved! Listen to their chart-topping song, “Time Of Our Life”, below.