DAY6 Gives A Shout Out To Their Biggest Fanboy Stray Kids’ Seungmin

They said something only Seungmin would say.

Stray KidsSeungmin is one of DAY6‘s biggest fanboys, and it seems like he’s gotten a shout out from them during an sit-down with hello82.


When their discussion had come to an end, Jae said that Wonpil had something special to say and Young K clarified it needed to be said in English for global fans.

Wonpil was confused at first, but eventually said that DAY6 was “In the house. In the building.” And, once he’d said the phrase “in the building,” Young K and Sungjin became excited and repeated it because they knew what it meant.

Seungmin is pretty skilled in speaking English and one of his favorite phrases to say is “Seungmin in the building.” That’s why Young K and Sungjin laughed and repeated the phrase, giving their fanboy a shout out.

Seungmin must be proud that his signature phrase managed to reach his idols.

Watch them have some fun with it here.