DAY6’s Jae And AleXa Reveal How Easily Idols Get Serious Stage Injuries

AleXa was taken aback by Jae’s bloody experience, but she had one of her own.

In DAY6‘s Jae‘s podcast How Did I Get Here?, it received a bit of a change. AleXa joined as the show’s first-ever co-host. In their first episode co-hosting together, they kicked it off to an interesting start, bonding over how easy it is to get serious stage injuries.

After AleXa and Jae detailed how long the music video filming process can be, from very short or non-existent time for breaks and sleep, the former revealed it’s even more tiring when dancing is involved.

Having to dance for over twenty hours straight naturally causes the body to energize itself but easier to sustain injuries, “…when you’re running on adrenaline, you don’t feel anything. It’s the next day when you’re like, ‘Wow, how did all these bruises get here?'”

That reminded AleXa of a past performance where she gained another injury she hadn’t felt but was much gorier, “When I performed in Singapore, my pants, they had zippers on the knees. They cut my knees open, and I had no idea until I was going backstage.

All of the adrenaline from performing had numbed her to the injury, “And, I was like, ‘Oh… My knees are gushing blood. That’s nice.‘” Jae could relate, “That happens to me all the time!

Although Jae doesn’t have to perform hardcore choreography, playing the guitar has its own complications when on stage.

While guitar picks make playing smoother and protects the fingers, sometimes things literally get out of hand, “That happens to me all the time too. ‘Cause I’m playing guitar and sometimes my pick would fall out of my hand.

Because there’s no time to stop everything and grab another, Jae does what any professional would: play with his bare fingers. “And, I don’t have time to pick up another one. So, I would just be doing this with my fingers.

As AleXa made a face that was a mix of emotions, Jae revealed just how shockingly easy it was to shed blood and get it everywhere. “And then, at the end of the show, I realize that my whole hand is red. And, that there’s red on my strings and stuff, and I never realized it.” That’s true dedication.

If these are only one example of the injuries Jae and AleXa have experienced, no wonder idols are often sustaining more severe ones and announcing breaks. From something as little as detailing on stage outfits to the determination to put on an excellent performance, it’s easy for them to injure themselves.

Listen to them discuss their gory tales of minor injuries and how much they literally put blood, sweat, and tears into their work.