DAY6’s Jae Reassures Anyone Worried About Finding Their Soulmate

Everyone wants one, but they’re not always easy to find.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DAY6‘s Jae addressed the topic of soulmates during his podcast How Did I Get Here?. While talking through what the word truly meant, he came to the rescue of anyone who was struggling with whether or not they’d be able to find that special someone for themselves.

To discuss it properly, Jae first explained the two definitions he received from his friends. From those who were married, they had a different perspective from what people generally think, “They’re telling me, ‘You make your soulmate.'”

On the other hand, his single friends thought what many people would upon hearing the word. Jae has friends who say, “I met her, knew she was my soulmate.” Just like many people dream of, they were able to live the imagined happily-ever-after.

For those who weren’t in either of those positions, wondering when they would find a soulmate and if it were possible, Jae had some reassuring yet funny advice. He wanted people to imagine that they’re tennis balls.

A word of relief to everybody that’s thinking that: everyone next to you is thinking the exact same thing.

Instead of worrying about finding a soulmate, go with the flow and let life carry you along, like a tennis ball floating in the ocean. If you do decide to change yourself and your path, only go through with it if it’s for yourself and not to attract someone else. Otherwise, let life guide you where you’re supposed to be.

In the end, you’ll receive whatever you’re destined for, whether or not it’s finding a soulmate and discovering what it means to you. Just remember Jae’s words to bring you some comfort: “A million tennis balls, just chillin’ on the wave.”

Listen to Jae delve into the topic here, along with his funny metaphor.