DAY6 Reveal Which Memories They Wish They Could Forget, And More

They’d all like to forget about this.

DAY6 recently revealed a number of personal preferences while playing “Would You Rather?”, including which memories they’d like to erase.


“Would You Rather?” is a popular multiple choice Q&A game that involves choosing between two options, such as “would you rather find true love or win the lottery?”


DAY6’s answer to this question may crush some romantics’ hearts because the members are all about the money!


DAY6 also answered unanimously in favor of never cutting their hair again rather than never changing their clothes again. Wonpil pointed out that they would all smell if they never changed clothes. Yuck!


Besides, Sungjin came up with a perfect solution to the hair conundrum, despite having the least amount of hair of all the members. He said he would just pile the hair sky-high!


One of DAY6’s trickier questions was, “would you rather wake up in someone else’s body (every day) or wake up being unable to communicate?”.


At first, Young K said he’d much rather stay in his own body, but after Sunjin proposed that one of those random bodies could be that of JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jinyoung, all of DAY6 agreed that body-swapping would be the way to go!


DAY6 may have agreed to grow Rapunzel hair and go body-swapping together, but they weren’t on the same page when it came to choosing super powers. Young K was in favor of teleportation, but Sungjin was all about stopping time. He claimed that if he could stop time he could produce as many as 30 songs in 3 months…


…but his members found that a little hard to believe!


Although the members couldn’t decide on a superpower, they did agree that being able to erase any memory would be better than having a photographic memory.


DAY6 brought up childhood memories they would like to forget. All of these memories involved eating things that aren’t supposed to be eaten. For Dowoon it was ants, for Wonpil it was pill bugs…


…for Sungjin it was soap, and for Young K it was crayons. Yum?


The members also agreed on one other important choice. During a performance, it would be better to forget their lyrics than the notes to their instruments because My Day can always sing the lyrics for them!


For more of DAY6’s “Would You Rather?” answers, watch the video here.