DAY6 Will Never Let Wonpil Forget About His Iconic Pink Sweater

They will never let it go!

DAY6 was recently announced as the new muse for fashion brand Musinsa and their new 2021 S/S collection. 

In an interview with the brand, the group sat down and discussed which member was the most stylish, their go-to items, and their feelings about being picked as the new muse.

One of the questions the members were asked what their philosophy on fashion was! Member Wonpil explained that he stuck to the philosophy of “Black! White! Grey!” which is a simple, yet sophisticated, combination.

It seemed like a good enough answer! But, before Wonpil could elaborate, leader Sungjin had something on his mind that he had to get out, and it was regarding Wonpil’s iconic pink sweater.

With that philosophy in fashion, how did you end up wearing hot pink? Why did you buy that?

— DAY6’s Sungjin

The story of the sweater is known to DAY6 fans for many reasons. Wonpil once wore a pink sweater to a radio show, and his members made it clear they did not like it! Since that day, it has been brought up several times, including on Arirang‘s After School Club, VLive‘s, and interviews.

Wonpil was quick to answer, claiming that he didn’t remember where he bought it!

I don’t remember buying it. I don’t know why I put that on. I don’t remember…

— DAY6’s Wonpil

Not one to let it slide that easily, Sungjin then remarked that it must’ve been that sweater that changed Wonpil’s philosophy on fashion!

It seems as if, no matter how much Wonpil tries to forget about that pink sweater, it will always haunt him!

You can watch the full video below.