DAY6’s Young K Reveals The Real Reason He Didn’t Recognize TWICE’s Nayeon In An Elevator

Now we’ve finally heard both sides of the story!

TWICE‘s Nayeon once revealed that DAY6‘s Young K didn’t recognize her in the elevator at JYP Entertainment, and we finally heard Young K’s side of the story!

Young K | @from_youngk/Instagram

TWICE’s Nayeon, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, and Sana recently appeared as the guest stars of Young K’s radio show, Kiss the Radio. While appearing on the show, Nayeon retold the story of when Young K didn’t recognize her while she was wearing her glasses.

| teudoongie_subs/YouTube

According to both Nayeon and Young K, Young K recognized Nayeon after about 5 seconds. Young K said, “It’s not like I didn’t recognize her.” 

He explained that he knew he was with Nayeon in the elevator, but he was tired that day and her voice was low, which made it hard to recognize her instantly.

Young K further explained that he was in a “tired condition” since he had just woken up for band practice.

After he formally greeted Nayeon, he looked up to see who he just greeted, and realized he was in the elevator with Nayeon!

We’re glad Young K cleared up this hilarious misunderstanding!

See the rest of the radio show below.