Day6’s Jae Becomes Emotional During The Group’s Concert In Manila

It’s okay, Jae!

DAY6 recently had their Gravity world tour in Manila and Filipino MyDays were extremely excited to see them perform again!

During the concert, a short video that was prepared by fans for the group was flashed on the screen.

The video showed what fans do on a normal day, and the small struggles we all face everyday. It showed how the fans always run to DAY6 for strength and encouragement to keep going on whenever they experience difficult times.

The members were all touched after watching the video and Jae even cried. He mentioned that he doesn’t normally cry, but he couldn’t help it.

He also made sure to tell MyDays not to post any videos of him crying on Twitter, and fans just laughed in response (Sorry Jae!). Other members also told fans to take picture of Jae crying behind his back!

The members still comforted him though!

Watch the video that Filipino MyDays made for DAY6 here: