DAY6’s Jae Has No Haters, Only Confused Fans

Breaking the rules of K-Pop, DAY6’s Jae is here to prove that nobody wishes to glance his way with fiery hatred in their eyes.

On the contrary, more often than not, it’s fiery inspiration that gleams in the eyes of his onlookers.

Or perhaps sweet adoration with a hint of aegyo embarrassment.

Of course, the gleam could very well be from tears of laughter at his mercilessly hilarious posts.

You can claim it was just a flint of trash in your eyes all you want, but we all know the truth here.

Did we mention his sense of humor is near brutal?

This particular tweet at least hits the nail squarely on the head, no room for lies with this one.

Let’s be honest, it’d be pretty hard to hate someone like Jae.