DAY6’s Wonpil Cheers On His Biggest Fanboy Stray Kids’ Seungmin With A Special Message

They couldn’t meet, so Wonpil sent him this.

When DAY6 appeared on We K-Pop, one of the hosts was missing. That host was none other than their biggest fan Stray KidsSeungmin.


Although it would’ve been the perfect opportunity for him to reunite with his favorite band, he had another schedule.

When SF9‘s Inseong had called to ask him about it, Seungmin said he would’ve come right away. That prompted Inseong to joke that he might be hiding in the audience because he’s such a big fan, making Jae and Sungjin laugh.

So, 2PM‘s Nichkhun suggested they send a video message to Seungmin since he couldn’t be there. And, they singled out the member he seems to have the most in common with to do the honors: Wonpil.

He started off by saying that he was sorry Seungmin couldn’t meet them that day, and Jae burst into laughter at Wonpil’s awkward beginning.

But he powered through, saying that he knew touring in Europe must be tough but worrying about his health is important.

Then, he ended it with a hope for them to meet another time and what a pity it had been that they missed each other.

As Seungmin’s idols, a few words of encouragement is all he needs. Watch Wonpil cheer Seungmin on here.