DAY6’s Wonpil Successfully And Adorably Dodged A Fan’s Accurate Spoiler

He really tried his best!

MyDays have been guessing that DAY6‘s Wonpil appeared on the King of Masked Singer. Fans have been noticing similarities in Wonpil and the masked singer’s hand gestures and easily recognized his voice.

When MyDays were given the opportunity to meet DAY6 and talk to them, a fan asked Wonpil if he was on the show.

Wonpil was quick to answer that he wasn’t on the King of Masked Singer. However, his facial expressions seem to express otherwise.

Wonpil tried hard to keep a serious expression, but failed! He ended up smiling widely, and MyDays easily noticed that he was trying hard not to give away any spoilers!

Fans found his facial expression extremely cute and funny! Wonpil tried his best not to give away any spoilers, but ended up doing just that in the process of dodging the fan’s simple question!