Where Is DEAN? Netizens’ Viral “Theory” Behind His Disappearance

He actually collaborated on a song one month ago.

Korean artist DEAN is well-known both in Korea and internationally for his incredible music.

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But after some of his most appreciated singles, “Instagram,” “Dayfly,” and “Howlin’ 404,” DEAN has seemingly “disappeared” from the music scene.

But DEAN hasn’t really disappeared, instead the talented artist has released new music in the form of collaborations, having collaborated with artists like IU on “Troll” in 2021.

And most recently he collaborated with Wesley Joseph on “SUGAR DRIVE.”

But because of DEAN’s unexpectedly long hiatus from releasing new music of his own, many netizens have been vocal, wondering where the artist “went.”

Of course, many agree that DEAN is likely just being a perfectionist with his music, wanting his next comeback to truly impress fans.

And others have given other viable reasons DEAN’s music might have been impacted, like being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as many artists were or silently finishing his mandatory military enlistment.

But one netizens’ theory continually goes viral as fans jokingly suggest that a mishap on an Instagram live is why DEAN hasn’t released new music.  During one Instagram live, DEAN tripped and fell down some stairs, creating a viral meme among fans.

Fortunately, the fall wasn’t serious, but some fans joke that the meme is to blame for the lack of new music.

Some fans even promise to stop joking about the incident to bring DEAN back sooner.

But despite netizens’ confusion about DEAN’s “absence,” the talented artist has continually hinted at an upcoming album. DEAN has even asked fans to “please hang in there just a little longer.”

One of DEAN’s Instagram stories teasing new music

My team and I have built, destroyed, built again, only to destroy again. We rode this out so many times and went through so much trial and error since 2019.

Dear fans, please hang in there just a little longer. Love you all.

Let me show you how I’m different.

I’m just a workaholic.


Which, of course, fans are more than willing to do since whatever music DEAN eventually releases will take the industry by storm.

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