DEAN Reveals He Did Not Originally Debut As A Singer

Before he was an award-winning solo artist, DEAN used to produce songs for some of your favorite K-pop groups!

Speaking on radio show SBS Power FM, DEAN admitted that he started his career because of Epik High‘s albums. Epik High’s music, along with American influences, inspired him to start making music of his own. From the time he debuted as a producer to now, he has helped compose and write lyrics for over 16 different artists. Among those artists are EXO, VIXX, Block B, and even Dynamic Duo.

While DEAN is an extremely talented producer for other artists, his original songs have also been catching the attention of people worldwide. He was even able to win the “Discovery Of The Year Award” during the Ganon Music Awards. Not only are fans going crazy over his amazing talent, many artists have become huge admirers as well. Renowned artists such as Taeyeon, Zico, Dok2, Crush, and Baek Yerin have already collaborated with him, all only at the age of 23.

DEAN has also announced he will be releasing a full album later this year, on a recent live stream. While we eagerly wait for that, check out his latest release “Come Over” featuring 15&‘s Baek Yerin!

Source: Ilgan Sports