Debut Vs. Now: The Stark Difference In The Way BTS’s Jungkook Celebrated His Birthday

Many tears were shed in 2013.

Yesterday, September 1, was Jungkook day! The BTS maknae appeared to have a blast spending it with the people he loves through a live broadcast on Weverse Live, where he was even joined by a special guest.

BTS’s Jungkook during his live broadcast on his birthday | @tataIand/Twitter

His hyung Jin surprised ARMYs when he randomly showed up on camera and greeted them. He and Jungkook made everyone’s day with their funny conversations and chaotic energy. The way Jin listed the BTS members one by one, asking if they greeted him in person like him, made many people clutch their stomachs in laughter!

In the same live broadcast, Jungkook ate his birthday cake and held an impromptu concert. He made ARMY hearts happy with his lovely voice, singing classic BTS songs like “Butterfly,” “Coffee,” and “Just One Day.”

Overall, it was a joyous, fun, and relaxed occasion. But interestingly, the same cannot be said for the way he spent his birthday during BTS’s debut year! Back in September 1, 2013, the boys spent the day filming the music video for their first comeback song, “N.O.”

During the group’s dance break, Jungkook was singled out by the music video’s producer for moving out of formation and not staying in the center.

It got so bad, the boys’ manager gathered all of them in the waiting room and scolded Jungkook for his performance. He tried to explain his side, saying quietly, “I matched with the marked tape… In between the dancer hyungs, I was just to the left.

Unfortunately, his manager wasn’t having it. “You’ve practiced it only once or twice? What are you up to right now? Jeon Jungkook! You think you’re good and everyone else is wrong? Why are you being like this?” 

The golden maknae could only apologize meekly.

Even his beloved hyungs RM and Suga didn’t let him off the hook. They scolded him, saying things like, “Are you mad because we didn’t celebrate your birthday?” and “You were in the wrong. You kept joking around as well.

It was Jungkook’s birthday, but nothing was going his way…or that’s what it seemed like. In actuality, everything was a plot set up to prank him! They soon brought out a cake and sang him a song. The sadness on his face quickly turned to shock, and tears followed soon after.

It was undoubtedly a day he will never forget.

Looking back, Jungkook’s first birthday as a BTS member may not have gone as he planned, but everyone had good intentions. Then and now, his birthday celebrations are filled with love and affection from the people around him.

And that’s never going to change.

Source: YouTube