Defconn names BTS the top trending group of 2016

Only one answer came to mind when the question of success over the last year came up on MIXTAPE.

There is no doubt that 2016 was a massively successful year for BTS, the group winning numerous awards, including their first Daesang. Not to mention member Suga‘s solo debut and V‘s debut as an actor.

During episode 4 of Mnet MIXTAPE, the panel was asked who was the most successful group. Defconn immediately said, “the group that really blew up in 2016 has to be BTS.” He also says that he feels the producers and musicians are able to communicate very smoothly.

It was also mentioned that their album Wings ranked 26th on the Billboard chart. The other panelists couldn’t help but agree that BTS’ popularity isn’t restricted to Korea and that they are also recognized idols abroad.

Tei briefly brings up a time when a friend of his overseas asked who was the most popular in Korea. Tei asked if they knew EXO and they had, but there was another group in mind. Tei asked if it was “Bangtan” but that name drew no reaction. His friend finally revealed he was thinking of “BTS”, confirming they really are blowing up overseas as well.

When asked, one of the guests Angelina confessed she was a fan of the group too, easily naming all the members and doing a short dance cover of their title track “I NEED U”

You can watch the whole clip here: