This Deleted BTS MV Scene Vanished 4 Years Ago And It’s Still A Mystery

This mystery may never be solved.

BTS‘s music videos have launched countless theories, and some are linked to a mysterious, missing scene from 2015.


2015 was the year of BTS’s iconic HYYH era, the era that formed the BTS Universe and eventually inspired the Save Me webtoon and The Notes 1 novel.


That year, three of the BTS Universe’s central MVs, “I NEED U”, “Run”, and on stage: prologue were released. Newer fans may not be aware that on stage: prologue used to have a different ending.


In the video, there’s a scene where RM takes an instant photo of Jin and Suga while at a gas station. RM shows them the photo then slips it into the glove compartment. The photograph is never seen again.


The original version, however, had a post-credits scene where Jin takes the photo out of the glove compartment. When he looks at it, Suga is missing. This may suggest that Suga still needed to be saved.


The video was uploaded with the post-credits scene, then deleted, re-edited, and reuploaded without it. Naturally, fans have theories about why this happened, but the whole truth remains a mystery!


Check out the original version here: