Desiigner Gives A Shout Out To BTS, Invites Them To MTV TRL

“MIC Drop” collaborator, Desiigner, continues to show his love for BTS.

During a sit-down with Sway Calloway, American producer Desiigner gave a shoutout to his favourite K-Pop boys, BTS


When asked about his international tour, Desiigner was quick to mention both his international fans and BTS.

“Shoutout to all my Europe fans. Shoutout to all my Korean fans, K-Pop, BTS.” — Desiigner


Sway Calloway called BTS “one of the biggest groups in the world”, just before Desiigner proudly him told about the collaboration that he, Steve Aoki, and BTS did for “MIC Drop”.

“We just did a record with them, man. We came to the Billboards […] and just did our thing, man.” — Desiigner


Afterward, Sway Calloway invited BTS to come on the show by saying, “Come to TRL. We’ll welcome you here too, all right.” 


Desiigner hasn’t been shy about showing his love and support for BTS. In recent interview with Genius, he explained how he ended up working with BTS, whom he met at the Billboard Music Awards.


He and Steve Aoki even got matching tattoos to commemorate their collaboration.


Check out Desiigner’s chat with TRL here: