Detective Fans May Have Just Discovered A Preview of TWICE’s Next New Song

Producer ANGERWOLF may just have leaked a preview of TWICE’s new song!

He revealed on Twitter that he was working on some new music, and it was chock full of TWICE hashtags.

He then uploaded a photo of his studio onto Instagram with even more hashtags related to TWICE and JYPE.

Fans then put the two and two together to conclude that ANGERWOLF was working on a new track for TWICE!

They suspect that he’s working on their upcoming Japanese comeback album, thanks to his specific hashtags.

But on the other hand, many are pointing out that the house track is too different from TWICE’s signature bubble-pop sound.

JYP Entertainment hasn’t spoken up about ANGERWOLF, so nothing is confirmed yet.

Whether it be a new house track or not, ONCEs are dying to get more of TWICE’s upcoming album!