Dex Recalls The Time He Almost Risked His Life For A Moment Of Fame With The Former President

But in the end, it was worth it!

Youtuber and former ROK Navy UTD/SEAL Dex appeared on comedian Lee Kyung Kyu’s YouTube channel and shared the story of meeting former president Moon Jae In.

Lee asked Dex, “You met the former president while deployed overseas. I saw that he stroked your cheek. Did you put your face up to him, or did he reach out to you?”

To this, Dex shared the backstory of how it all happened.

Dexx | @LKK_King/YouTube

For us, we call the president ‘VIP,’ so when we saw him, things got crazy. People were trying to get a photo with him or shake his hand. I happened to be the last to meet him, and I thought I should make some impact so a photo would be taken and my parents could see me. I thought I should take advantage of this opportunity.

As he grabbed the president’s hand to touch his cheek, he suddenly saw the bodyguard try to pull something out.

Dexx | @LKK_King/YouTube

I asked him if he could pat my cheek and grabbed his hand. But then I saw the bodyguard beside him try to pull a gun out from under his clothes. But the president smiled and touched my cheek.

It was then he realized he could’ve been in a very dangerous situation.

I saw the expression on the bodyguard’s face behind the president, and I was so surprised. He was really in a position to pull out a gun. When I looked at the bodyguard, his body came forward.

But ultimately it was all worth it in the end as he was able to capture this special moment!

Former President Moon Jae In touching Dex’s cheek | Radio Star/MBC

In addition, netizens that watched the show praised the chemistry between Dex and Lee Kyung Kyu, stating they were a good balance.

  • “Dex and Lee Kyung Kyu have good chemistry together.”
  • “Lee Kyung Kyo has a good eye. Dex is going to make it big someday. Fighting!”
  • “I’m loving this duo!”
  • “Dex seems like a responsible young man. Can’t wait to see more of him!”

Watch the full episode below!

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