Kim Jin Young Uses His “Single’s Inferno” Flirting Skills With A K-Pop Idol

And netizens can’t get enough of their chemistry!

On 117‘s Dex’s Fridge Interview, Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex), who was on the popular dating show Single’s Inferno 2, interviews a K-Pop idol—and the two hit it off.

Dex’s Fridge Interview

The interview show consists of Dex looking through the guest’s fridge and getting to know them by talking and cooking together. This episode’s guest was none other than singer Kwon Eunbi, a former member of IZ*ONE.

Dex and Eunbi realized they were the same age and decided not to speak formal Korean to one another and spoke as “friends“—a Korean way to acknowledge people of the same age. When Eunbi mentioned seeing him on the television show Toy Soldiers, Dex asked her how she felt seeing him in person. She complimented the details of his appearance, which made him laugh.

Your outfit set looks good on you, and your 6:4 ratio hair parts look good on you. And your ears look interesting!

Both giggling and already seeming very comfortable with one another, the two showed off their great chemistry. Eunbi mentioned that she watched the first episode of Dex’s Fridge Interview to do her research before coming in as a guest, and Dex poked fun at her, asking, “Are you bragging to me or what?” And Eunbi jokingly yelled back at him.

To this, Dex couldn’t help but laugh and call her cute.

Normally, I’m not like this… but she’s really cute.

Eunbi’s responded just as cutely, saying, “Whatever, forget it.” The two couldn’t stop laughing as they continued bickering with one another.

Aside from their cute bickering, Dex and Eunbi also had a heart-to-heart about their careers. Dex mentioned that Eunbi had been a celebrity for eight years and is a veteran, but he is new to this scene and is still learning about the industry every day. Eunbi followed up with a question: “What about your job makes you the happiest?” To this, Dex gave a cute and flirty answer.

This moment.

To this, Eunbi didn’t know what to say, and Dex giggled and then gave his serious answer.

I love Dex’s Interview because I get to meet people I don’t normally get to meet. And it’s even more fun when unique people like you come on the show.

When Eunbi asked if anyone on the show had been as unique as her, he told her she was the best.

The duo’s conversations flowed naturally and easily, and Dex asked Eunbi a fun and imaginative “what-if” question:

If we were to star in a movie together, what roles would we play?

Eunbi responded they would be “BFFs,” but Dex had a different idea that shocked Eunbi.

BFFs? But then I have a secret crush on you. So I’m lovesick.

Their interactions continued to be adorable and as the interview came to an end, Dex asked Eunbi how she felt being on his show. This time, Eunbi gave a sweet answer.

Well, I got to share my healing recipe and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Since we’re the same age, I was able to relax and speak comfortably, so that was great. I’m glad I got to know you as a person.

In a clip that wasn’t shown in the interview but released as a YouTube short, another cute moment showed Dex and Eunbi’s chemistry. Eunbi said she liked guys who act cute, and Dex asked, “What kind of style am I?” Eunbi said he kind of looked like the character Eddy from the children’s show Pororo the Little Penguin, and Dex responded with a flirty answer implying that she would like him because Eddy is a cute character.

Eddy’s a cute style. Eunbi, what are you trying to tell me indirectly?

A speechless Eunbi made a joke that he learned a lot of flirting skills while on Single’s Inferno 2. Then when she asked him what kind of style she is, he responded honestly: “You’re a cute sexy style.

Eunbi was shocked at his straightforwardness and the netizens raged about how adorable the two’s chemistry is. They also pointed out that Dex had always mentioned that his ideal type is someone who is cute and sexy.

  • “Their personalities are really compatible lol I think they’ll continue to be friends after this”
  • “Wait but Dex said his ideal girl is someone cute and sexy ㅠㅠ I cry”
  • “The girl group idol’s well-trained ability to avoid romance by building up walls and flirting-master Dex’s conversation is so funny”
  • “But Dex continually says his ideal type… is cute-sexy…”
  • “LOL their flirting is no joke LOL Also I think Dex, after doing all this, is just gonna go home and watch animations lol”
  • “I don’t think their hearts are fluttering as they’re talking lol but my heart is fluttering just watching them”

Fans couldn’t enough of the cute bickering duo. Many stated they wanted to see the two again in the future.

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