DIA Chaeyeon Cries Talking About The Hardships Of Being A Popular Idol

Fame and success really isn’t everything.

Chaeyeon reveals the downside of being a K-Pop idol

On the February 16th episode of “Law of the Jungle in Patagonia”, DIA member Chaeyeon shared the difficulties of being a K-Pop idol.

During her chat with a fellow Jungle member and actor Kim Seung Soo, Chaeyeon explained that she doesn’t get to spend time with family anymore. Speaking of her parents, whom she misses dearly, Chaeyeon couldn’t hold back the tears.

Chaeyeon: My mom says it’s good to see her daughter on TV all the time. But it made me really sad when she said she doesn’t get to see me in real life anymore. It’s getting harder to stay in touch with my parents. When I’m busy, I can’t make the time to even think about them. It makes me feel horrible and I’m always sorry.

When Kim Seung Soo asked Chaeyeon if she had her family’s support when she debuted, Chaeyeon said both her parents showed great faith in her.

To that, Kim Seung Soo offered solid advice from his years of working in the entertainment industry.

Hope Chaeyeon gets to spend quality time with her family soon!