DIA Chaeyeon needs medical help after starving for 3 days straight on ‘Law of the Jungle’

On February 16, DIA’s Chaeyeon appeared on Law of the Jungle in Patagonia, along with Kim Byung Man, Kim Seung Soo, Hong Jin Young, Kim Dong Joon, NU’EST W’s JR, and MONSTA X’s Minhyuk.

After 70 hours of surviving in the Patagonian jungle, the “Jungle” team had not eaten anything and it was taking its toll on the contestants.


DIA’s Chaeyeon broke down and shed tears when she began having severe stomach pain. Other survivors helped her get rest until the team’s doctor arrived on site.


The doctor concluded that Chaeyeon was suffering from starvation and the pain was caused by deprivation of food. Kim Byung Man persuaded Chaeyeon to follow the doctor back to the base camp and recover.

Idols are known for their outrageous diets, but this was beyond what Chaeyeon could handle.

Watch the episode clip below: