DIA’s Chaeyeon Reveals Several Male Idols Tried To Date Her

They all wanted to date her, so here’s what she did:

Jung Chaeyeon revealed that right after she debuted with DIA, several male celebrities approached her and expressed their love interest in her.

She confessed this on the Korean television program, Happy Together.


She explained that the male celebrities also tried to reach her through her personal friends and her agency.

“Some were singers, actors, and others from different professions.” ㅡ Chaeyeon


Chaeyeon revealed that she was even a big fan of one of the male celebrities who expressed his interest in her. Fans are dying to know who this male idol was, but she only confessed that she was too busy pursuing her career to consider a relationship with him.

“One of the male celebrities that made a move was someone I was a big fan of, but for now, work comes before love.” ㅡ Chaeyeon


Moreover, she explained on Life Bar that she’d like to meet someone naturally; while working together, for instance.

“Rather than being asked out by someone who had simply seen me on television, I’d like to start dating someone naturally after I spend a long enough time to get to know them through filming together, for instance.” ㅡ Chaeyeon

Source: EN Seoul and News EN