DIA’s Chaeyeon Had This Advice For Wanna One’s Future Disbandment

In a recent photo shoot and interview with Star1 magazine, DIA’s Chaeyeon had some words of advice for Wanna One.

Having promoted with I.O.I, Chaeyeon was able to give Wanna One some helpful tips in embarking on their journey.

“I really hope they take care of their health and do well. I know more than anyone else how busy they’ll be with various shooting schedules.”

— DIA’s Chaeyeon

In regards to their impending disbandment, Chaeyeon also advised them to make the most of the time they have together.

“When there was 4 months left of I.O.I, I could already feel the reality of our disbandment sinking in.

Wanna One’s promotional length will be longer, so I feel the sadness [of disbanding] will feel bigger.

I hope you make a lot of good memories with each other as you spend them together.”

— DIA’s Chaeyeon

While Wanna One may disband in the future, they’ll always be in everyone’s hearts as “the nation’s group”.

Source: Sports Chosun