Why Didn’t TVXQ Visit Each Other’s Homes For Six Years?

They updated fans who were initially surprised by the fact.

Following the success of SM Entertainment‘s first-generation K-Pop groups S.E.S., Shinhwa, and H.O.T., the company debuted its first second-generation group, TVXQ, who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

To celebrate the accomplishment, members Yunho and Changmin appeared on the new talk show Curator, where they opened up about the milestone, their global impact, their industry juniors, and how they feel having spent over two decades of their lives working together.

TVXQ’s Changmin (left) and Yunho (right) | @tvxq.official/Instagram

Curator host HoonD asked the group members about significant career moments and facts that he learned about TVXQ.

One specific fact stuck out to the host, as he asked the members about something he learned about them from their appearance on the popular variety show, I Live Alone.

TVXQ with the “I Live Alone” cast | MBC

While on the show in 2018, it was revealed that the two members hadn’t visited each other’s homes since moving out of their shared dorm six years prior.

Changmin explained at the time that they had lived together for 15 years before moving out of the dorms, sharing that their dorm experience was fun, but sometimes it was too loud and busy when he wanted to relax. Living together for over a decade before finally having a place of their own contributed to their lack of visiting each other’s homes.

During their Curator interview, Changmin confirmed that they’ve consistently visited each other’s homes since their I Live Alone episodes aired.

The two spilled on what they envied about each other’s homes, with Changmin sharing that Yunho was amazed by the maknae‘s motorized blinds while Changmin envied the desirable location of Yunho’s home in a “very wealthy neighborhood.

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