The Difference Between BTS J-Hope’s Before And After Drinking Will Make You Question Which Came First

J-Hope’s just drunk on love for ARMYs!

BTS’s J-Hope was once asked to rank the group’s alcohol tolerances and ranked himself last. On the ranking list, he chose Suga to have the highest tolerance, followed by Jin, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, and V.

An online community board recently shed light on J-Hope’s before and after drinking moment, causing people to be confused yet again as to what was before and what was after drinking!

Let’s take a look at the progression once again, shall we?

J-Hope before drinking…

…and J-Hope after drinking.

What’s funny is that he didn’t turn red and drunk after drinking a whole cup…


…all it took was a few sips from his glass to turn him into drunk Hobi!


Seeing just how high his tension and mood is before any alcohol just proves that our sunshine J-Hope only needs the love of ARMYs and the members to be drunk on love!

Source: theqoo