The Difference Between Dancers’ Relationships With K-Pop Groups Vs. K-Pop Soloists

This former K-Pop idol says dancers form different bonds with groups and soloists.

Dancers and choreographers work in very close contact with K-Pop idols—but do they actually become friends after all that time together? In a new installment of her “IDOL INSIDER” series, former K-Pop idol Blady‘s Tina (now more commonly known as Christine Park or Park Soobin) revealed how the relationships between dancers and K-Pop groups differ to the bond they have with soloists.

When it comes to the chemistry between K-Pop groups and the dancers they work with, Christine Park explained that groups don’t tend to spend as much time with their dancers. Since groups don’t typically make use of backup dancers, the only time they see their choreographers is when they’re learning the dance or when they’re performing special stages for various events.

Christine Park (formerly Blady’s Tina) | soobeanie_/YouTube

As such, Christine says K-Pop groups don’t tend to have close relationships with their dancers. While the former idol says all the dancers she’s worked with were “fairly nice” and always up for “good conversations,” they’re not so close that she would “hit them up afterwards or… become close friends.”

Naturally, there are always exceptions. Pictured: Red Velvet’s Irene (left) with choreographer Team Switch’s Sunny (right) | @sunny_switch/Instagram

It was just kind of always at a professional level.

— Christine Park

Conversely, Christine says she thinks it’s a whole different ball game for dancers’ chemistry with soloists. When you’re a solo singer, she explained, “you’re going to be working with that team or dance group for a long time.” Alongside working with them as backup dancers for stage performances, Christine says solo artists even travel in the car with their dancers. As such, “it’s a little bit different.”

Soloist (and former IZ*ONE member) Kwon Eunbi (left) with close friend and backup dancer Kim Jae Yun. | @yooniverseee__/Instagram

The exception to the rule would be when group idols leave their companies. Christine says that when you’re in your company, it’s always best to keep things at a professional level. But after leaving her agency, she kept in close contact with some choreographers and dancers. One friend she has a lot of respect for is BB Trippin‘s Mandu, who’s made dances for Zico, ATEEZ, and more.

Source: soobeanie_