Fans Notice Something Shocking When Comparing Nayeon And Dahyun’s Hands

But it’s super cute!

Fans have recently spotted a major difference in Dahyun and Nayeon‘s hand size.

Dahyun’s hands look as tiny as a baby’s compared to Nayeon!


You can even see the size difference on these special plaques!

Nayeon’s hands seem to be characterized by her extremely long fingers.


Dahyun’s hand takes up significantly less space!

Even if you consider that Nayeon spread her fingers, her hand is still a lot bigger than Dahyun’s.


When they take pictures together, there’s still a stunning contrast between them!


In some pictures, Nayeon’s hand completely engulfs Dahyun’s!

If her fingers weren’t visible, you might not believe that Dahyun was holding hands with Nayeon.


The size difference is just too adorable!

Source: idol best