The Difference In How YG, SM, JYP Choose Their Group Leaders

Groups at YG EntertainmentS.M. Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment couldn’t be more different if they tried. Even when they choose their idol leaders they’re very different.

1. YG Entertainment

Supposedly, Yang Hyun-suk chooses his group’s leaders through who he views as the most talented from the group. 

GD is talented in various aspects; rapping, singing, songwriting and dancing!

Just take a look at BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, and IKON‘s B.I – you can see where he’s coming from!

As said by YG himself, B.I is very similar to G-Dragon with his many talents!

2. S.M. Entertainment

At SM, leaders are said to be chosen by their age – the oldest in the group usually becomes the leader.

SHINee’s Onew is the oldest in the group!

Onew of SHINee, Victoria of f(x) and Irene of Rede Velvet are all the eldest in their respective group.

As is Red Velvet’s leader Irene!

Although there are exceptions in cases such as EXO where Suho is the leader while Xiumin is the eldest, most SM groups tend to follow this trend.

And f(x)’s Victoria!

3. JYP Entertainment

The leaders of groups at JYP are said to be chosen according to who was a trainee for the longest. That’s certainly a great reward for working hard!

Wonder Girls’ Yeeun trained for 6 years!

This system of having the trainee who was around the longest become the leader seems to be in sync with JYP’s general attitude where they value hard work and ethics just as highly as talent!

Jihyo from TWICE trained for 10 years!

Source: pann.nate