Here Are The Differences In Camera Angles On American vs. Korean Shows, Featuring BTS’s “I’m Fine”

Which do you prefer?

Thanks to the rise of K-Pop, more idol groups are appearing on American TV shows to promote their music and bless the set with their talent. For many avid K-Pop fans, watching these features has made one thing clear: the camera angles in the US and the camera angles in Korea are doing completely different things when covering these performances! Take BTS‘s “I’m Fine” performances, for example.


While Korean music shows, like Music Bank, focus on the individual member whose in the middle of their parts…


… American TV shows, like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, tend to focus on the overall sense of the performance and the choreography.


Korean programs like to keep their lenses zoomed in to shine a lot of light on the members’ unique charms…


… and American programs like to capture the essence of the stage’s energy, overall ambiance, and the awesome dance formations!


Fans who like to see close-ups of the performers’ expressiveness much prefer the Korean shows’ camera angles…


… and fans who like to feel like they’re live at the show watching in person find the American versions a bit more appealing.


Either way, K-Pop performances – full of vocal talent and aesthetically pleasing aspects – are taking over the screens…


… from all angles!


Can’t quite decide which you prefer? Well, you can always watch both. That’s probably the most logical thing to do as an ARMY.

Watch the Korean coverage of BTS’s “I’m Fine” here:


And American coverage here: