The Different Ways ITZY And LOONA Spend Their Free Time Is Cracking Up Fans

Sometimes you’re like ITZY; other times, you want to be like LOONA.

Since every group has members with so many different personalities, each one spends their free time doing all sorts of fun and relaxing things.

When it came to ITZY and LOONA, whose members are actually friends, fans noticed a hilarious difference in how the two groups spend that time during their live broadcasts.

In one of theirs, ITZY took the relaxing route. As a group, the girls when to a restaurant to enjoy a chill meal. Yeji, Lia, and Yuna were super excited. They all clapped their hands while Yuna happily shouted, “Salad! Here we go.”

They talked quietly as they served food to one another, feeling right at home in the relaxing atmosphere of the place.

Chaeryeong enjoyed what she was drinking so much that she showed it to the camera, making sure it wouldn’t spill over. While ITZY had a peaceful meeting, LOONA’s was the complete opposite.

Rather than going out, the girls of LOONA opted to stay in their practice room, having fun all on their own. They didn’t even need any outside entertainment. They all burst into loud laughter as one member opened a door and fell back flat on the ground.

To turn their practice room into an even more entertaining place, they spiced it up by playing games. While sprawled out across the floor and holding onto each other, the scene would make anyone amused.

The LOONA members were running wild—literally. One threw her arms behind her back and took off sprinting around the others who were seated.

Fans are loving how the “queens” are doing whatever they want, showing the different ways to spend time together and have fun while doing it. Sometimes people want to sit back and relax; other times, they want to let loose and have some fun.

It’s all up to the person. See both groups have fun with their members here.