Here’s How DinDin’s Mother Reacted When a Doctor Warned Her Son of Erectile Dysfunction

DinDin shared that people called him “Erectile Din-function” after that.

On the most recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together, DinDin shared a story about when he was nicknamed “Erectile Din-function” following a broadcast gone wrong.

DinDin explained, “A while back, I went on ‘My Little Television’ with my mom where we got health consultations from a doctor.

He then continued, “When the doctor asked me if I drink and smoke, I said I did. And then he said once I’m past 50 years old, I could get erectile dysfunction.

In response, his mother exclaimed, “Oh, lord. Is it serious?” to which the doctor replied, “It’s serious.

Even though DinDin didn’t have erectile dysfunction at the time, this scene made it appear like he did, and following the broadcast, DinDin obtained the nickname “Erectile Din-function” and received many comments of sympathy.

DinDin added, “All sorts of posts about me and erectile dysfunction went around after that. One even called it a definite diagnosis. There were over 4000 comments.

Source: Insight