Where Are They Now? The Boy Group Members That Announced They Were In A Relationship With Each Other

One went on to debut in another group.

Though there is a huge stigma against the LGBTQIA+ community in South Korea, many entertainers today have bravely been open about their sexuality.

While it is rarer for K-Pop idols to admit they are gay, that isn’t to say there have not been any, like HOLLAND, who has been open about it since his debut.

HOLLAND | Vogue Korea

Among the groups that debuted in K-Pop’s third generation, one stood out for having two members who were said to be in a relationship.

In 2016, the boy group D.I.P debuted 2016 as a six-membered boy group under Inter B.D Entertainment.

While they were a little lesser known, two members quickly caught the notice of netizens for a declaration made during a live stream. Members B.Nish and Seungho admitted to having been in a relationship with each other for years.

B.Nish (left) and Seungho (right).

Though the group would go on to disband in 2018, it does not seem it was caused by B.Nish and Seungho‘s reveal, like in the case of K’Pop.

According to his Instagram profile, Seungho seems to have gone the educational route after D.I.P’s disbandment, working as a vocal coach and wedding singer.

Seungho also spends time in Turkey and posts content on his YouTube and TikTok accounts in Turkish.


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B.Nish would go on to debut in another group called XENEX in 2020. At this time, the group’s company shared an official notice about B.Nish and Seungho’s supposed relationship, saying they were “just close colleagues.”

XENEX | @xenex_official/Twitter
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Unfortunately, a year into his new career, B.Nish would be forced to leave the group due to a ruptured neck disk. These days, B.Nish is active on YouTube and Instagram, sharing daily updates and song covers.

At the time, some fans believed the post made by XENEX was not true, but either way, it appears the two are no longer in contact with each other publicly.

Where Are They Now?