Director Of BLACKPINK’s Documentary Reveals What “Surprised” Her When Working With The Members

She was glad to see this side of BLACKPINK.

Caroline Suh, the director of BLACKPINK‘s Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel Netflix UK & Ireland.


| Netflix

During the interview, she was asked if there was anything that surprised her after getting to work with the members for a bit. Caroline Suh shared that the members are perceived as goofy and bubbly people, which she experienced when working with them.

They’re perceived as very bubbly, giggly, and silly. Which they are.

— Caroline Suh

However, she also revealed that the BLACKPINK members have another side to them that is more “serious”.

But I think that there’s another side of them that’s very thoughtful, introspective, and smart.

— Caroline Suh

While this didn’t surprise Caroline Suh, she was glad to see the more “serious” side of the BLACKPINK members.

It’s not that I was surprised by that, but I was happy to see this other side of them.

— Caroline Suh

Here’s the full video below!