Director Of K-Drama “Mine” Shares What She Focused On While Creating A Female-Centric Narrative For The Show

“I wanted to create a refreshing story from the female-centric narrative.”

The K-Drama Mine wrapped up its final episode at the end of June 2021, and gained significant attention for its female-oriented plot, cast members, and also the portrayal of a “forbidden” lesbian romance in the show.

The show is about the two main leads, Lee Bo Young as Seo Hee Soo and Kim Seo Hyung as Jung Seo Hyun, women who both break out of societal stereotypes and try to find their own identity, while also containing a mysterious edge as it looks into the lives of wealthy people.

Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung

While actress Kim Seo Hyung has spoken about the K-Drama and her character before, the director of the show has now also spoken about it in an interview!

Lee Bo Young, Lee Na Jeong and Kim Seo Hyung | tvN

Regarding the drama, the director Lee Na Jung, known for directing other hit dramas such as Fight For My Way and Love Alarm, revealed that her goal for this drama was to create a refreshing, female-centric series.

I wanted to create a refreshing story from the female-centric narrative.

—Lee Na Jung

Lee Na Jung | Netflix

She also revealed how she went about creating this narrative by tying it into various themes and subplots throughout the show, but also keeping it all focused on the two main leads.

Because the series had colorful characters and different subplots, my main priority was to bring them all together into one story. To do so, I put Hee-soo [Lee Bo Young’s character] and Seo-hyun’s [Kim Seo Hyung’s character] perspective in the center and followed their emotions.

And as the second part added a mystery genre component to it. I took time in putting scenes together so that viewers could follow along and experience the change in the genre.

—Lee Na Jung

Still from “Mine” | tvN

The K-Drama ended on a high note with their audience, and was praised for its plot, cast, fashion, and portrayal of a sexual minority, and is a revolutionary drama for many to enjoy!

Source: The Korea Times