Disaster At MONSTA X Concert, Fans Furious At Organizers

Fans have remained angry and vocal since the disastrous MONSTA X concert held in London, UK at the Wembley Arena with Se7en, Tahiti and 7 O’Clock.

The highly anticipated concert was to be held in a large venue that could seat up to 12 500 fans, with the tickets starting at the fairly steep price of £110 GBP (~$156 USD)—some fans even allegedly paying up to £400 (~$568 USD).

By the time the day of the concert rolled around, only an estimated 700 people had purchased tickets to attend the event and organizers scrambled to brings fans in to fill the venue for free.

The above video shows just how empty the concert was.

According to one Twitter user, fans were initially promised discount codes for a meet-and-greet with MONSTA X and the rest of the artists. The event organizers also allegedly offered to take fans to MONSTA X’s hotel.

Wembley staff were apparently just as confused as the concert goers, with no idea what was going on with the performance order, the sudden changes in plans, and the overall chaotic disorganization,

The whole ordeal, naturally made fans feel scammed and they have been raving about it since.