Disaster strikes at Red Velvet’s recent performance

Red Velvet performed at the inauguration ceremony of Seoul Insititute of Arts but the girls faced heavy technical issues.

Red Velvet were the celebratory guests of honor for the inauguration ceremony of Seoul Institute of Arts. The performance was held at the COEX Auditorium on March 4.

Red Velvet performed their hit song “Dumb Dumb” and everything was going perfectly fine for the first fifty seconds. The girls showed great coordination and vocal talent while performing the song.

One minute into the performance, the audio of the song started to break up and static appeared in the song. The audio cracked up in between for about 6 seconds and the Red Velvet girls were shocked at the issues.

When these problems appeared, Red Velvet looked disoriented and could not get back into the song graciously. The technical issues weren’t minor so it was very hard for Red Velvet to find their proper footing and groove.

After the issues were solved, Red Velvet returned to their confident selves but for those six seconds, they looked very lost and frustrated at the technical issues.

Check out the video of the unfortunate performance below.