This Disbanded Group’s Members All Found New Groups To Join

The members of this disbanded group refuse to give up on their dreams.

Some girl groups unfortunately disband soon after debuting, or sometimes even before – which was the case for five-member group ZZBest.


Signed with Faith Entertainment, ZZBest intended to debut in 2015 with the song “Temptation”.


The concept for “Temptation” was even promoted.


But before they could debut properly, they were unfortunately disbanded. “Temptation” was given to another group, ATT.



Now, all the members of ZZBest are trying again, having either already debuted with other girl groups or about to. Vocalist Ina finally got to formally debut at the age of 27 with Brave Girls. She changed her name to Minyoung.


Minyoung joined Brave Girls during a reshuffle of members, when three original members departed and were replaced.

Later, another original member, Yoojin, left. Original member Hyeran remains on hiatus due to health issues, so the group is promoting with five members.


Their fourth album “Rollin” was released in 2017 and rumors are they currently preparing for a comeback.


Dayoung is now a member of Six Bomb.


She changed her stage name to Dain.


Dain joined Six Bomb in 2016 under Pacemaker Entertainment after some member changes, and the now four-member group released a mini album called “Step into Me”.


In December 2017 they released a new digital single “In the Moonlight” under a new label, Danal Entertainment.


Rapper Miri joined BADKIZ in 2015 and changed her stage name to K.Me.


DanA, another ZZBest member, also joined BADKIZ in 2016 after she left the group Hotties in 2015.

DanA changed her name to Hyuna while she was a member of Hotties, and again to Duna when she started promoting with BADKIZ.


Badkiz, now a five-member group, gained attention for their debut track “Ear Attack 2”. They made a comeback in 2017 with “Give It To Me”.


K.Me was spotted at auditions for The Unit in 2017 but didn’t appear on the show.


But in 2017 Duna left BADKIZ and is now planning on debuting with a new 9-member girl group, We Girls, as Jeonga.

The group is in pre-debut stages right now but planning to debut in 2018.


And BadKiz just made a comeback on The Show on 10 April, their first without Duna.


And finally, HanB is planning to finally formerly debut this year with a trio called Camila.


She has changed her name as well, to EunBi!


The three-member girl group consists of former girl group members from Laysha and will have reportedly have a “sexy” concept.

The girls are currently self-promoting on their social media sites.


With all the hardships the former ZZBest members have undergone, we hope their dreams are realized in 2018!


Source: Onehallyu and Future Korea