Dispatch Claims That This Female Idol Has The Most Perfect Clear Skin

Dispatch picked this idol as one of the idols with the best clear milky skin.

Recently Dispatch released a set of photos and claimed that Red Velvet’s Wendy has such perfect skin, her photos don’t need to be edited.

They pointed out how clear and healthy her skin has been looking for the past couple years.

Dispatch compared her to a beautiful porcelain doll with skin that shines brightly.

Even with makeup covering, you could sometimes spot pimples, but there is not a spot to be found on Wendy’s face!

Even with little to no makeup, Wendy looks radiantly beautiful.

The Red Velvet members have also picked Wendy as the member with the “prettiest bare face.”

Even in her predebut photos, it’s easy to say that Wendy’s skin has always been flawless.

Wendy must have the best skin-care routine if she could maintain her flawless skin for all these years!