CLC’s Sorn, AleXa, and DAY6’s Jae Revealed The Biggest Lesson They Learned In Their 20’s

Their words are so inspiring!

DIVE Studio’s recent How Did I Get Here podcast was full of inspirational words from CLC‘s Sorn, AleXa, and DAY6‘s Jae.

The three shared some inspiring advice when they answered a question from a fan asking “what is the best life lesson you learned in your 20s?

After some thought, Sorn shared that she learned a big lesson: “I’ve learned not to depend anything on anyone, is what I learned.”

Sorn continued to share her wisdom with the audience about why they should not depend on others:

You really cannot wait for, you know, some people think that opportunities will be given to you. But, I don’t think opportunity is given. It’s like…you have to earn your opportunity. You have to make it happen. You have to work hard towards it. That’s how you make things hard on your craft…and put it out there. That’s how you’re going to become successful.

— Sorn

AleXa agreed with Sorn and claimed that it’s also her biggest lesson of 2020.

Nothing gets handed to you in life. Granted . I will say there are some people, they have lucky chances….and I believe coincidences are also a thing as well, but…nothing gets handed to you like ou can’t just sit on your butt all day and be like, ‘yeah one day I’m going to get there.’ If you’re not actively working toward something, you’re not going to get there. You got to step out the door to go somewhere. You Know?

— AleXa

Though Sorn and AleXa have given much great advice, Jae adds to the wisdom and provided his life lesson:

Striving for better and success not being given to you but being taken for yourself. I think you have to learn how to socialize properly and socialize well in order to do that. So in order to create opportunities for yourself, people have to not hate you. People can hate you in everything else you don’t care about, but as long as people respect you for what you do in your craft and what you care about…I feel like you’re good.

— Jae

From the three artists’ great success, fans are all for their advice!

Check out the full episode below: