Here’s What Koreans Think About MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Her Influence On The Ideal Beauty Standards In Korea

You will definitely agree or extremely disagree with their opinions.

MAMAMOO is known as a trendy girl group who is composed of extremely talented ladies, all of which are attractive, gorgeous and confident in their own right.

The group’s maknae Hwasa has recently taken the Korean entertainment world by storm because of her powerful performances…

…sexy outfits…

…and honest, “this-is-who-I-am” attitude which people find to be quite refreshing. Because of her significant contribution to today’s entertainment culture, people are curious about how Koreans think of her. This begs the question:

YouTube channel DKDKTV turned to the streets of Korea to ask people about their opinion on Hwasa’s influence on Korea’s beauty standards. One man said that because of Hwasa, people think of being “cool” as being “beautiful”, too.

Another man applauded her by agreeing that Hwasa opened the possibility that there are other beauty standards outside of the usual stereotypical standard today.

They believe that because of Hwasa introducing a different form of beauty, more and more Koreans would be open to this alternative type of attractiveness.

When asked about Hwasa’s outfit, some respondents laughed shyly in response.

A woman confessed that she thinks it’s okay, but initially, she got shocked upon seeing Hwasa since it’s a “new” concept for her.

Another women mentioned that right now, the trend in Korea is to follow the way Hwasa dresses or styles herself — many imitate her now.

Lastly, a man said that he thinks Hwasa can be more successful overseas than in Korea, because Koreans are opinionated and a bit more conservative.

Whatever the opinions of people are towards Hwasa’s outfits and her influence on Korean entertainment industry’s beauty standards, one thing is for sure:

Queen Hwasa is here, and she’s here to stay!