How Do K-Pop Idols Exchange Numbers At Hair Shops?

Who would have thought?

Recently, on KBS 2TV’s Mr. House Husband, CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yonghwa appeared on the show as the third guest. In this episode, he revealed that he had recently moved and lived without a house for two months while waiting for his house’s interior construction to be finished.

He invited member Lee Jungshin to his studio and discussed the past while preparing food. While chatting, Jung Yonghwa revealed that he heard how idols exchange numbers these days.

YH: You know what I heard? I heard that these days, male and female idols who go to the same hair and makeup shops exchange their numbers using AirDrop.
JS: Seriously?!
YH: Yeah. They airdrop a picture with their name and number on it.
JS: Wow…
Panels: The world is changing!
YH: You should leave your airdrop on, too.
JS: I doubt I’ll receive anything.
YH: We really missed out, huh?

While interesting, netizens that watched the episode were divided on his statement.

  • “But did he really have to talk about this on a show when he’s an idol too.”
  • “It’s not like he specified who did things like that. He was just stating something he heard. Why can’t people just think ‘Oh I guess there are some idols like that,’ and let it go? I mean, there are so many idols out there.”
  • “Oh but what if it airdrops to someone else? Then they would get caught?”
  • “When I see celebrities talk about people doing this or that I just think that all celebrities are the same.”
  • “I didn’t know that was possible with airdrop? How do you do that?”
Source: theqoo