This Doctor Went Viral For Appearing In A K-Pop Reality Show, And He Had No Idea

He definitely wasn’t expecting this.

In 2015, EXO‘s Suho and SHINee‘s Minho flew to India as part of their reality show, “Exciting India”. 

For one of their missions, the duo headed to Mubai to see if the Indian public would recognise the two K-Pop stars. Surprisingly, none of the bystanders recognised them – and one of the tourists even asked the duo to help him with a photograph!

That tourist eventually realised who the duo was – nearly two years later!

But until Yesterday I didn’t realize that the guys I handed the camera were actually ‘K-POP CELEBRITIES’ from SOUTH KOREA.’Minho’ from the band ‘SHINee’ & ‘Suho’ from the band ‘EXO’

— Dr. Ronak Arora

That tourist was Dr. Ronak Arora, who was surprised to discover that his holiday photos were snapped by the two idols. He posted the photos on instagram after realising that he had gone viral.

Dr. Arora spoke to Buzzfeed News on the incident, commenting on the how the entire incident went down.

I was looking for someone who would be able to click the pics without distortion and then I see these Korean guys, standing together they had cameras and some other equipment as well… So I thought they may be able to help me take the picture.

He then talked about how the two K-Pop stars actually took the photo.

The first pic was taken by Suho and he made quite funny poses while doing so and there was laughter but we thought they were just teasing each other on some internal joke.

KBS – Suho with a cool pose

Now the first pic is quite zoomed in and I asked him if he can take the whole monument in the background… The next picture is with me and my mother standing in front of the monument and then the other guy Minho tries his hands on the camera.

KBS – Miho snapping a pic

Since then, the doctor has gotten hooked on K-Pop, and even wished the EXO leader “Happy Birthday”.

Even I would like to see them come again to India to a rousing welcome this time and meet them to thank them for the pic as well

You can watch the entire episode here.

Source: Buzzfeed and SBS