It doesn’t get much cuter than TWICE Sana’s “cheese kimbap aegyo”

TWICE’s Sana is going viral once again with her “cheese kimbap aegyo” on JTBC’s variety show Knowing Bros.

Sana has already captured the hearts of many fans with her “Shy Shy Shy” line from “CHEER UP”.

Both the public and other idols have added Sana’s “Shy Shy Shy” into their aegyo repertoire.

Now, she’s going viral for a new reason: her “cheese kimbap aegyo”.

Sana had to guess “cheese kimbap” by only looking at what Jeongyeon was mouthing, and she gets more and more adorable with each syllable.

She may have just started her next nation-wide trend with her “cheese kimbap aegyo”.

Watch the full segment below!