Dog Betrays Owner By Digging Up Cash Savings He Was Hiding From His Wife

Most people love dogs due to their friendliness, but this one husky ruined his owner’s life by digging up cash savings he was hiding from his wife!

A Chinese man recently wrote a post on his social media page about his dog that betrayed him. In his family, his wife handles the finances. As he is not able to spend money freely the way he wants, he decided to keep a secret stash of money hidden from his wife.

One day, he received a call from his wife, who told him their dog had dug up a giant stash of money and even sent him a photo of it. He began to grow nervous wondering if that was his money their dog had dug up. Running home, he realized that it was indeed his money.

His wife sent him this picture of the money their husky dug up!

In order not to get caught by his wife, he had no choice but to claim the money wasn’t his. In response to this, his wife decided to claim all the money for herself. Feeling heartbroken, he had no choice but to follow her orders.

He found out the cash was indeed his.

His mood worsened when he saw his dog sitting there without any guilt on his face. He gave his readers a special message about dogs.

““Guys, you should protect your personal savings not only from your wife, but also from dogs, especially the ones that will betray you.”
— Husky Owner

Look at the dog staring at him.
The husky doesn’t look remorseful at all.

Source: Chuangsong