11 of the best reactions to SEVENTEEN’s amazing aerobics performance

SEVENTEEN mesmerized both the audience and idols with their stunning aerobics performance at the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championship.

During MBC‘s 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championship, SEVENTEEN’s Dokyum, The8, Hoshi, Dino, and Jun performed a Transformers-inspired aerobic’s performance that wowed the crowd and earned the group second place for the event. Members from idol groups G-Friend, TWICE, Oh My Girl, and Up10tion were among some of the idols who were thoroughly impressed with the group’s performance.

Check out their reactions below:

Their perfect synchronization and backflips earned them shocked expressions from crowds.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 executed a perfect backflip and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee seemed to be in awe as she watched the performance.

Many of the idols watching the performance were so amazed that their mouths could not stay shut.

Up10tion’s Bitto was extremely impressed with SEVENTEEN’s “spider” dance.

G-Friend’s Yerin and Sinb, as well as TWICE’s Dahyun and Chaeyong all had awe-struck expressions while SEVENTEEN performed.

TWICE’s Jungyeon couldn’t believe her eyes as The8 somersaulted to the front and once again Seunghee was amazed by the performance.

At the end of their performance, both the crowd and the idols cheered loudly for the group with TWICE and the other members of SEVENTEEN applauded as well.

TWICE’s Jungyeon seemed to have loved their performance so much that she even gave them a standing ovation.

The Rest of the SEVENTEEN boys appear to be proud of their member’s efforts.

SEVENTEEN’s performance was so impressive that the girls of TWICE  even attempted to recreate SEVENTEEN’s intro formation.

Nayeon initiated the formation.

The rest of TWICE join in and practice, showing off to the members of G-Friend.

Watch SEVENTEEN’s full performance here: