Don’t Forget This Nickname BTS Gave Themselves In 2017 Because It’s Still On Point

Tis a title very well fitting and deserved.

Back in 2017, when BTS visited Hawaii on an episode of Bon Voyage season 2, a passenger on the bus – by the name of Brandon, to be exact – recognized BTS members and drove them into a wild state of being proud and thrilled.


Brandon, who had been eyeing BTS for a while since they got on the bus, finally reached out and befriended the members. When RM asked if he knew who they were, Brandon answered, “Of course. You’re BTS.” And that was the beginning of one of the most epic nicknames that BTS ended up giving themselves…

Wow, this is so awesome. A Hawaiian person recognized us!

— RM


Boosted with confidence, Suga decided to mark the moment by hyping up themselves with something special and unforgettable. He commented they are “international Pop-K worldwide”, to which RM added, “sensation sunshine BTS”. Suga was immediately satisfied with this new title – the International Pop-K Worldwide Sensation Sunshine BTS.

That has everything good included!

— Suga


On the following episodes, as BTS members continued to be recognized on the streets of Hawaii, the nickname began to grow exponentially. On their way to try some famous Hawaiian shrimp dishes, Jungkook heard about the new title they have going for themselves and requested that “Rainbows” be added to it…


… and that is how they became the International Pop-K Worldwide Sensation Sunshine Rainbow BTS.


Soon Jin, who has always been all about self-love, became aware of the nickname and decided he had some great things to add to this epic title. He suggested, as an attempt to show their Korean roots, that they add the word “Traditional” in there somewhere.


Suga then proposed that they also add “Transfer” because not only were they traditional, but also culturally connecting.

Let’s add ‘Transfer’ too. Like, we’re the hub. You know what, in fact, we should add ‘USB Hub’ too.

— Suga


By the time they have arrived at the International Pop-K Worldwide Sensation Sunshine Rainbow Traditional Transfer USB Hub BTS, they realized it’s quite a mouthful. That didn’t stop Jin though. Jin wanted to add finishing touches to the whole thing – something to tie it all together nicely. And because he was inspired by the delicious shrimp dishes, he tossed in “Shrimp” to the mix… completing the most grandiose nickname.


And you better believe it – BTS, since 2017, have come a long way and they are most definitely the one and only, International Pop-K Sensation Sunshine Rainbow Traditional Transfer USB Hub Shrimp BTS.

Source: THEQOO